Why Us?

With Good Keepsakes, you are a person with a story and a history worth preserving. Our founder personally experienced loss of analog memories and understands the need to help you preserve yours.

The other services you might find are large companies where you are just a barcode or an invoice. They expect people to willingly take these treasured belongings, that can never be replaced, and place them in the mail. The MAIL!? There are so many things that can go wrong aside from the obvious lost package; the package could be stored at less than ideal temperatures causing further deterioration before being digitized; the package could be damaged along with the contents; there could be discrepancies in what was sent versus what was received.

Because we are a small business, we take pride in our personal delivery service. While it may keep our market small, we believe it is the right thing to do. We will consult with every customer ahead of time, arrange a meeting to confirm all items received, and then return the items in person upon completion.


We welcome you to browse our Yelp page as we have stellar reviews. Once you've worked with us, we'd love to hear what you think as well!

About Our Founder

Laura's great-grandmother in 1923. This photo is one held so dear that is now preserved forever.

Laura Goodman always had an interest in preserving her family history. As a child, she spent many days at her grandmother's house where she would routinely pull down photo albums and flip through them in awe of the people who came before her.

Later, knowing that copies of these photos didn't exist and that albums would be fought over when her grandmother passed, she took on the huge task of scanning every photo in her grandmother's possession - and not just the ones in the albums. She took every picture out of the frames around the house and every photo from underneath fridge magnets and copied them. She even sat with her grandmother and learned all she could about each picture - documenting dates and names the entire time.

When that day came and her grandmother passed, Laura knew that she had helped her grandmother to pass down family history for more generations to come because of her actions.

Since then, Laura has worked on many similar projects through referrals. You can trust Laura to care for your memories as her friends and family have.