Do I mail my media to you?

If you are within the counties we serve in California (Orange, Los Angeles, San Bernardino, Riverside, or San Diego), you never have to mail your items. We pride ourselves in our in-person pick-up and delivery; it puts your mind at ease that these priceless memories cannot be lost or damaged in the mail. During our consultation, we will arrange a location to meet and possible completion dates.

If you live outside of the areas we serve for in-person pick-up, we are still happy to work with you, but sending your items by mail may be the only option.

How long will digitization take?

It's hard to estimate across all media types and conditions of originals. Most audio and video will take twice the time as the length of the media. For photos, negatives, and slides, it truly depends on volume.

Our average is 1-2 weeks, but we can sometimes turn around projects faster depending on our current workload. For time-sensitive items, please still contact us and we will see if there is a way to expedite. Current timing based on workload and your needs will be discussed in our consultation.

Will my originals be returned?

Yes, all original items will be returned.

It is worth noting that we cannot take responsibility for originals that do not withstand the process of digitization. Due to deterioration prior to us receiving items, we cannot guaranty that the originals, specifically with audio/video, will not break. However, we take every precaution to take gentle care of each item. Unfortunately, with age, we cannot predict what will happen until we try.

Will my images/video be touched up?

That is not a service we offer, but we do have trusted colleagues we can put you in touch with should you desire that next step.

What if I want a portion of a tape converted?

The only way we can convert a portion of a VHS tape or audio cassette tape is if you can provide the exact timecode to start and stop the conversion. We do not watch/listen to the content (only spot check for quality), therefore we do tapes in their entirety to avoid guesswork and collaboration required with editing services.

How is the cost for tapes determined?

As noted on the Services page, it's per hour of footage or audio per tape where partial hours are charged at the full rate. This means if you have 2 VHS tapes to convert and one is 15 minutes and the other is 2.5 hours, you will be charged the full hour for the first tape, then 3 hours for the second tape. Your total hours you will be charged will be 4 hours.

What COVID changes are being made?

Due to COVID-19, there will be no in-person consultations. However, we do provide consultations over the phone or virtually, depending on the customer's preference. Additionally, the equipment touch-points will be sanitized between projects AND the technician will sanitize and wear a mask while handling your items.

The arranged pick-up and return of items will be discussed during the consultation, but nevertheless will be contactless. Payment can be by personal check or online using our invoice software.

What forms of payment are accepted?

The digitization work will be completed and the customer will be notified. You will be invoiced at completion of the Project and the preferred payment option is online through our invoice software (Square). Payment is due prior to digital copies or originals being released.

Customers can choose to pay with a personal check, but it does delay the process a bit. In this case, the work will be completed and original items will be returned, but the check must be received and cleared before digital versions are released.