What sets us apart? Our in-person pick-up and delivery service! We do not believe putting such precious possessions in the mail is the best way to care for these memories. We proudly serve Los Angeles County, Orange County, San Bernardino County, Riverside County, and San Diego County at this time and after your phone consultation we will arrange a pick-up or meeting.

Photos and Slides

Were you a shutterbug? We can convert your photo prints (positives). Did you lose your prints, but have the negatives? We can convert 35mm, 126, and 110 film AND 135, 126, and 110 slides.

$0.25 each

VHS or Hi8

What about all those family home videos? Whether they are on a VHS already or the original Hi8 from the camcorder, we can convert those, too!

$10/hr. of footage*/tape

Tape Cassettes & Vinyl

Was there something special recorded, like maybe an interview with a relative? Or did you have an old vinyl message? Not a problem, we can save it!

$10/hr. of audio*/tape

*Partial hours are charged at the full price

Digital Storage

Once your media is converted to a digital format, we can provide it through one of the following options:


​These are data discs and will not have disc menus. They can be played on DVD players and any computer/laptop with a DVD drive. Storage space is 4.1 GB.

$5 / Disc

USB Flash Drive

Easy play-and-go USB can be accessed on most Smart TVs and on all computers/laptops. Storage space is 32 GB.

$10 / USB

Cloud Storage

Access your files online and with unlimited downloads for up to 1 year. Storage space is 200 GB.

$20 / 200 GB*

*Minimum amount must be paid for partial storage space


Why stop at digitizing? Facial recognition software is built-in to many online services, but each is proprietary and any work you do to tag people in it can only be utilized in that specific software. Meaning, you must have that company's software to take full advantage of their features. You might be asking yourself, "Is software the way to go?" or "Are there other options?" and we can help you navigate these and other questions like, "now that they're converted, what do I do with them?".

In our hour-long, one-on-one virtual training, we teach those who are less than technologically savvy how to add metadata to their photos, why it's helpful, and show examples of how to create the most appealing end-products.

$50 / hour-long session


We also offer our services for creating photo montages. These are perfect for birthdays, anniversaries, Bar and Bat Mitzvahs, and memorials**. We will collect the details such as titles card information, songs, etc. and customize your video for you.

** If memorials are requested, they are prioritized higher than other projects due to timing.

$50 / 15 minute video