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Memories fade, but photos and videos don't have to. Let us help you convert family memories from their original form to digital!

Why Digitize?

When asked the terrible hypothetical question, "if there were a fire, what would you save?" many people respond with "photos" or "home videos" (after family members and pets, of course). However, the reality is that those same people probably still have their cherished memories in some analog format. To have the time to gather all of these in an emergency, let alone the space to carry them all, would be impossible.

This is, of course, the worst case scenario. More realistically, these treasured memories cannot be shared easily in the state in which they are. They are the only one of their kind and at the very least copies need to be made for more than one person to enjoy them.

In this day and age, there is no reason to load your arms up with these treasured memories when they can be stored in very small devices or even in the cloud. In addition to the worst-case-scenario above, converting these analog items to a digital format saves space, preserves the media from further deterioration, and allows easy sharing in a digital world.

What's more, to leave your legacy, it needs to be transferrable.